Entrepreneur Immigration

There is various Provincial Nominee program for business class are available. British Columbia:

This program is broken down into two categories:

Entrepreneur Immigration — Regional Pilot 

Personal requirements To qualify, you must:

• have a personal net worth of at least CAD$300,000

• demonstrate business and/or management experience

• have, or be eligible for, legal immigration status in Canada

• have basic English or French language proficiency equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 4 or higher

The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot (EI – Regional Pilot) is attracting business owner and senior managers from around the world to establish businesses in regional communities. BC PNP will invite candidate base on their total score in these areas:

Business owner-manager or senior management experience
Ownership (100%)
Net Worth
Total Personal Investment
Jobs created and/or maintained
Location: Population size of enrolled community
Location: Regional District of enrolled community
Adaptability: Minimum language proficiency
Adaptability: Education level
Adaptability: Age
Adaptability: Family in the community of proposed business
Adaptability: Work, business, or studies in Canada
Self-declared subtotal score
Business Concept

Commercial Viability: Business model 12
Commercial Viability: Market and products/services 4
Commercial Viability: Eligible personal investment 4
Commercial Viability: Assessment of proposed investment 8
Commercial Viability: Ownership percentage 2
Transferability of Skills 15
Economic Benefits: Significant economic benefits 5
Economic Benefits: Jobs assessment  

Entrepreneur Immigration — Regional Pilot will be delivered for a two-year period until March 2021. The information took from BC PNP website: Click Here

Entrepreneur Immigration - Base Category Program Requirements

If you want to immigrate to B.C. and are ready to invest in and actively manage a valid business here, you may qualify for our Entrepreneur Immigration - Base Category. Here is an overview of the requirements. Personal requirements:

• Have a personal net worth of at least CAD$600,000

• Demonstrate business and/or management experience

• Have, or be eligible for, legal immigration status in Canada

• Have basic English or French language proficiency equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 4 or higher


You must also have been lawfully admitted in the country where you currently reside. The Entrepreneur Immigration stream is for experienced entrepreneurs who want to actively manage a business in B.C. It is a points-based invitation system. Applicants must have the required personal and investment funds. The maximum score available is 200. To be eligible you should get 32 scores for business concept.

Categories Maximum  score
Experience 20
Ownership 4
Net Worth 12
Total Personal Investment 20
Jobs 20
Regional District 12
Adaptability 32
Self-declared subtotal score 120
Commercial Viability 30
Transferability of Skills 20
Economic Benefits 30
Business concept subtotal score 80

Ontario Business Category: In this stream depend on the region for investor, the eligibility would be varied. The Entrepreneur Stream application is a two-stage process.

Stage 1: 

• Register expression of interest by email

• If invited, submit online application 

You and your business partner (if applicable) must have an interview at the OINP office in Toronto

• If you successful in stage 1 then you must sign performance agreement 

Stage 2: 

You can apply to IRCC for a temporary work permit with a support letter

• You have 20 months to implement your business plan and submit a final report

• You must submit all documents to show performing all part of your  performance agreement to get nomination for permanent residence.

Mandatory requirement:

• Business experience

• Net worth

• Personal investment funds and minimum equity

• Active involvement

• Capital investment purpose

• Job creation

• Additional requirements if purchasing an existing business