What FORVISA do for you

1. Choosing a Program: We recommend programs based on your work experience and education history. 

2. Applying to the School: FORVISA will help you prepare and submit your application to get letter of acceptance from a college or University.

3. Applying for a Study Permit: After you received acceptance letter, you can apply for study permit in order to come to Canada and start your program.  We do all the best to have complete application for applying to IRCC for your study permit.

International documents checklist

Depend on country you are applying; you may need different documents. Generally speaking, students need these documents to apply: Acceptance letter from Designated educational institutions Click Here

Financial support: You need to provide your bank account information to show your secure financial for paying cost of one year living and one-year tuition fees of your institution. Study plan: You need to write your purpose of studying in Canada Supporting documents to show you want to go back to your country at the end of the program. Proof of language skills: It can be IELTS or TOFEL 

Work while studying

Student who study in College or University in DLI institution can work 20 hours per week off campus and any hours on campus.

Extend or restoration a study permit

Extend study permit If your study will take longer than expected and dated on your study permit. FORVISA strongly suggest you to apply for extending study permit at least one months before expiry date.

Restoration: If you forget to apply for extending your study permit before expiry date then you have 90 days after expiry date to apply for restoration. You may need to get advice about what you are eligible to do or what you are not eligible to do while you are waiting for decision on your application.

Student accommodation

FORVISA assist you to find suitable place to live. You can choose to live on-campus or off- campus.